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    3rd Rail Print Space: The benefits of working with MagnaPrint® inks

    MagnaColours® spoke to studio manager Holly Clarke from 3rd Rail Print Space about their experience of working with MagnaPrint® water-based inks, some of the exciting projects undertaken there and how the industry is waking up to eco-friendly water-based inks.

3rd Rail Print Space is a brand new 4000 sq ft open access screen printing facility, combining paper, t-shirt and fabric printing, located in Peckham Levels, a converted multi-storey carpark in south-east London.

“The aim of the space was to build a comprehensive print hub and modern learning environment to make screen printing more accessible to a new audience, whilst providing a wealth of equipment for those already working in the medium”, explains Holly who has been printing with MagnaPrint® inks since her time at University and for around 13 years now.

“Novices interested in learning how to print are invited to sign up to one of the single day workshops. Those wanting to build on existing knowledge can enrol in one of the intermediate or specialist courses delivered by experienced on site technicians.”

We asked which of the MagnaPrint® water-based ink systems are most popular at the print space:
“The Discharge AB AW range is our most popular and the levels of development to this product have been amazing. The level of discharge is always great, and having the MagnaMix colour matching software as a tool on hand has made this a highly suitable option for day to day users on both T-shirts and lengths of fabric.”

AquaFlex V2 is another of our go to ink systems. It’s a fantastic alternative to plastisol and we always use this for our intermediate workshops. It delivers not only on jersey but also on a variety of fabrics. The usability on open screens is another advantage and makes it really user friendly.

It’s not only standard MagnaPrint® bases that are put to the test at 3rd Rail Print Space, they also make use of our vast range of special effects inks.

“We developed a range of fabric swatches for Ralph and Russo Couture recently with ombres of glitter and tonal glosses that worked really well on their beautiful fabrics. By adding glitter to MagnaPrint® High Gloss, it creates a smooth but glossy and sparkly feel which we love.”

When asked what the best thing was about working with MagnaColours®, Holly explained that, “We always receive the best support from the Magna team, and their product ranges are always evolving. When opening the print space, it was the perfect opportunity to work with Magna and showcase the inks to our members and workshop attendees.”

Exciting and innovative printing techniques with MagnaPrint® inks have also been explored at 3rd Rail Print Space. When working on a menswear collection for JW Anderson, an ombre discharge effect was created with Discharge AB AW, and replicated with our low-solids MagnaPrint® Base FF, allowing the effect to be printed across dischargeable and non-dischargeable fabrics.

The team have also worked on developing an embroidery look with MagnaPrint® Bling and a mixture of AquaFlex V2 Neutral and Suede Foam NF. This created a soft rise, with a metallic finish to achieve a modern take on embroidery.

Discussing the eco-friendly qualities of water-based inks, Holly explained that their sister company 3rd Rail Clothing use plastisol inks day in day out, “But we have now incorporated water-based ink systems, and we feel that more and more clients are looking for an eco-friendly approach, which means switching to alternatives to plastisol.”

Find out more about 3rd Rail Print Space here.

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