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    Into Another Dimension: 5 High Build Water-Based Inks That Will Raise Your Level

    Screen printing with high build inks is an art form in itself. Finished prints created using such inks can be super tactile and provide a dramatic or unusual appearance to your design. This can range from super sharp edges on high density prints, to textured “puff” or suede effects.

For this blog post, we’re highlighting five key water-based inks in the MagnaPrint® Dimensions range that can deliver that high-build or textured effect you desire for your next special print – alongside some key usage guidelines on how to achieve the best results.

1.  Print Sharp Edges with High Density XL

For those highly defined sharp and raised print edges, MagnaPrint High Density XL is the way to go. Available in both a ready-made white opaque base (High Density White XL) and clear base for strong, bright shades (High Density Neutral XL), this ink system was developed as an evolution of the standard high-density range. It offers more dramatic and improved raised print areas – the thicker the overall ink deposit, the better the effect that can be achieved. This ink system should be printed through an open, high build mesh screen at around 100-200 micron, with rectangular profile squeegees.

2. Create Softer, Rounded Edges with Soft Density XL

Unlike its counterpart High Density XL, where the effect is all about definition and clear-cut lines, MagnaPrint Soft Density XL offers a rounded, gradual raised effect building up to a peak in the centre of the print area. This ink system also consists of fully compatible white and neutral inks that can be mixed at any ratio to achieve the required opacity and brightness – alongside a maximum loading of up to 6% MagnaPrint Eco Pigments.

3. Expand your horizons with Expanding NF

Standard high build inks are one thing, but the Dimensions range also includes textured print effects such as MagnaPrint Expanding NF. This formaldehyde-free ink system provides a super unique “puff” print effect. It can be printed directly on to fabric or onto a flash-cured underbase to achieve bright and bold shades. For optimal results, printing is best undertaken using a 32 – 43T (86 – 110) mesh screen and be sure to print this ink in the last screen to avoid potential pick-up. Cure your puff prints with Expanding NF at a maximum temperature of 150°C (305°F) for minutes and see the ink rise!

4. Get a Tactile Look and Print Feel with Suede Foam NF

It has the familiar soft and furry texture of suede, but it’s ink! MagnaPrint Suede Foam NF is a ready-to-use screen printing paste suitable for adding mock flock effects and a textured suede look to your prints. This ink system provides a soft hand feel with excellent wash fastness and dry-cleaning fastness. Generally, printing parameters for this ink are very similar to Expanding NF.

5. What a Relief! Emboss Ink

Our final ink spotlight for the Dimensions range is MagnaPrint Emboss Ink. This water-based printing paste was engineered for creating embossed or raised areas on printed polyester garments. The ink can be applied just like a standard printing paste onto desired areas, and following the necessary curing and washing processes, the ink leaves behind embossed, raised areas on the material, altering its appearance and structure. When printed on to polyester the ink expands, contracting certain areas of the fabric, creating a permanent embossed effect. Check out the step-by-step printing guide for this ink that was featured in Images Magazine.

So, there you have it – five unique inks from the MagnaPrint range that can add an extra dimension to your screen prints. To learn more about our product range and how to get the most out of our inks, access the MagnaColours Technical Hub.

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