We are committed to creating a brighter, sustainable future for the planet. That’s why we’ve partnered with ocean conservation organisation Just One Ocean to make a difference.

What is BluePrint?

Together with Just One Ocean we’re raising awareness of global ocean pollution and the impact of unsustainable manufacturing processes from the garment industry. Our donations to Just One Ocean support valuable research into pollution, the threat of micro-plastics to wildlife and human health and how we can work towards cleaner oceans. By choosing MagnaPrint® inks, screen-printers and brands can reduce their impact on the environment through eradicating harmful chemicals, reducing unnecessary ink consumption and increasing their production efficiency. As we continue to develop even more sustainable screen-printing inks, we are also positively supporting the health of the earth’s oceans.

Find Out More about Just One Ocean

Just One Ocean

Just One Ocean

Just One Ocean was founded by David Jones in 2014. Having travelled the world as a diver and an underwater photographer, David saw for himself the devastation that the human race was having on our environment and our oceans in particular. He joined the Plastic Oceans Foundation when it was first formed in 2009 and has worked tirelessly since then to reduce the impact of plastic pollution in our oceans.  He has undertaken a great deal of academic study on the subject and is now a well known speaker on the issue.  However, through his work he was increasingly exposed to more and more of issues and problems facing the oceans.  As a result, while he still concentrates on marine plastic pollution, he decided to set up Just One Ocean in order to raise awareness of all of the ocean issues.

Just One Ocean Projects

Supported by MagnaColours®

MagnaColours® donations to Just One Ocean support two key scientific research projects. The Big Microplastic Survey. A global citizen science programme, the only one in the world, that is gathering data about the scale and distribution of the global micro and mesoplastic issue. The data will be analysed and collated on a digital online system that will allow open access to governments, NGOs and academic establishments and provide opportunities for further research and the basis for changing policy. It will also engage with many people and highlight the invisible nature of microplastics.

Expedition to the Northwest passage 2019. This project focuses on gathering data from the arctic circle on the impact of anthropogenic activities. It will be taking a number of students from UK and EU universities to undertake experiments and bring back information. Just One Ocean will be filming this project for broadcast and writing scientific papers as a follow up. The expedition will be based on a 44ft sailing vessel. microplasticsurvey.org

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