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    Behind The Screens with DTB Europe

    In Behind The Screens we talk to some of the companies and printers that use MagnaColours water-based inks, finding out more about what they print and the reasons why they choose to use MagnaPrint

    In our first edition we sat down with Gareth at Direct Trade Bags, to find out more.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your company and what you do 
My name is Gareth Gladwin, I am the Production Manager of DTB Europe. We decorate and supply a variety of products including bags and garments, mostly for the promotional industry.  We use multiple decoration techniques such as screen print, transfer, digital, dye sub and embroidery.

What equipment do you use?
We are a MHM set up, we currently have ten automatic carousels in our shop and various different equipment for producing transfers. 

Why do you use water-based inks?
Water-based inks are more sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s better for the environment and gives a better print and hand feel, also our customers are asking for this more and more, we truly believe this is the future.

How long have you been printing with water-based inks & how have they changed your business?
We have always used water-based inks as a policy in some capacity (about 10 years). They help us to promote our eco-friendly image whilst maintaining a good quality of print.

Do you have a favourite ink or special effect in the MagnaPrint Range?
It has to be  Aqua-flex V2, this is our go to product when we have challenging jobs or difficult substrates to print on, its just so versatile, It is by far one of the best products on the market!

What is your favourite print you’ve made with MagnaPrint? 
We were really pleased with the results of the Unicorns and pineapples print. The images were very small but we managed to maintain the fine detail and vibrancy throughout the production run – who doesn’t love a Unicorn print hey?

How has the printing industry changed since you started?
The expectations and quality of prints and designs have gone up. Plus the demand for retail quality garments to be achieved at promotional prices is a constant battle. 

How do you keep it interesting?
Sometimes I wear my wife’s underwear to work. We also try a variety of different products and techniques to keep ahead of development.

What is one printing tip or trick that you wished you knew when you started out? 
Don’t believe it when someone comments that someone else can achieve what you are struggling with through the same methods. If this was the case, why have they changed? Always request a sample of the ‘previous order’.

Where can people find you?
In the kitchen at parties, or at work, maybe football… alternatively …