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    Behind the Screens with Essential Embroidery

    In Behind The Screens we talk to some of the companies and printers that use MagnaColours water-based inks. finding out more about what they print and the reasons why they use MagnaPrint.

    We chat with Louis at Essential Embroidery Design and Essential Workwear in Dunstable

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your company and what you do?
I’m Louis, I run both the Print and Marketing teams at Essential Embroidery Design and Essential Workwear. We supply decorated apparel to both the corporate promotional and workwear markets. The company was started in 1998 by my dad. Originally just focusing on just embroidery, we have grown over the years to be a full decoration house offering embroidery, screen and digital printing, embossing and more.

I joined the company full time 2 years ago. Last year a position opened up in our print team that we had difficulty filling, without any screen print experience I took on the role and it has quickly consumed my life!

What equipment do you use?
We run 3 MHM Autos and two Tesoma Dryers.

Why do use water-based inks?
It’s a combination of factors, firstly its eco-credentials really resonates with our clients and secondly, the finished product always has a much nicer hand feel than prints done with traditional plastisol inks.

How long have you been printing water-based inks & how have they changed your business?
We’ve been offering water-based inks for a few years now, it adds another dimension to our offering. 

Do you have a favourite ink or special effect in the MagnaPrint Range?
We’ve done a few jobs using the SB reflective which beats hands down any plastisol reflective on the market.

What is your favourite print you’ve made with MagnaPrint?
We’ve done a really fine line print on hoodies using the HB range that came out super well.

How has the printing industry changed since you started?
I don’t think I’ve been in the game long enough to comment on how it’s changed!

How do you keep it interesting?
Loud music in the print shop, and a competitive hungry team! 

Where can people find you?
Visit our website www.essentialworkwear.com



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