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    Behind the Screens with Grizzly Wheeler

    In Behind The Screens we talk to some of the companies and printers that use MagnaColours water-based inks. finding out more about what they print and the reasons why they use MagnaPrint.

    We headed to Charleston, South Carolina to speak to Josh ‘Grizzly’ Wheeler about his decade in the print industry.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your company, and what you do?
I’ve apparently become a mythical print creature from Florida, that strives to create exceptional products worth spending hard earned money on 🙂

What equipment do you use? 
M&R everything.

Why do we use water-based inks? 
Because they are the best longest lasting inks on the planet.

How long have you been printing water-based inks & how have they changed your business? 
We’ve been in the print game for 10 years, we started with water-based, and we will end with water-based.

Do you have a favourite ink or special effect in the MagnaPrint Range? 
All of them are great, we particularly like the vibrant Discharge and Edge inks.

What is your favorite print you’ve made with MagnaPrint?
 All of them!!

How has the printing industry changed since you started? 
Not really sure, we’ve always focused on doing things our way, and staying on top of the cutting edge of products and technology.

How do you keep it interesting? 
By cracking jokes and realizing we’re just printers, we’re not saving the world, but we can make it more beautiful and comfortable.

What is one printing or trick that you wished you knew when you started out? 
How to make a bulletproof stencil.

Where can people find you?

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