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    Behind The Screens with Tryckhuset

    In Behind The Screens we talk to some of the companies and printers that use MagnaColours water-based inks, finding out more about what they print and the reasons why they choose to use MagnaPrint.

    To find out more we sat down with Alexander Fors, Owner of Tryckhuset. Based in Stenungsund, Sweden.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, your company and what you do? 
We are Sweden ́s largest independent printers for the promotional industry. Since 1986 we have supplied top quality promotional merchandise to the advertising and marketing industry. 

 What equipment do you use?
All of our machinery is from M&R #mrbluecrew

Why do you use water-based inks?
From an environmental perspective, we believe that water-based inks are the future. It is important to play our part within the industry and make changes to improve sustainability within the supply chain. 

How long have you been printing with water-based inks & how have they changed your business?
We have been using Magna inks for 2.5 years, ever since we installed our Digital Squeegee from M&R. Switching to water-based inks has enabled us to increase and enhance the quality of our work. Our customers are also more environmentally aware these days and are actively approaching us asking for the ’greenest’ possible solutions for their garments.   

Do you have a favourite ink or special effect in the MagnaPrint Range?
The White Hybrid ink is amazing… MagnaPrint Fusion Range is just superb!

 What is your favourite print you’ve made with MagnaPrint? 
There are just too many to choose from!!

 How has the printing industry changed since you started? 
When we started, in 1986, it was just simple single-colour printing.
Now with our expertise and equipment, up we have no restrictions. We can offer our customers a wide range of options (garment embellishment, multiple colours, special effects etc…) the sky’s the limit!

How do you keep it interesting?
We invest in new machines annually to keep us at the forefront of the printing industry. 
We also think it is very important to visit international trade fairs and to see for ourselves what is new in the industry. This helps us advance our position within the industry and mean we can offer the latest trends and technologies to our customers.

Where can people find you?  
On Instagram (@Tryckhuset) Online www.tryckhusetab.se or email us at info@tryckhusetab.se
Or by the BBQ most evenings