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    B-Unlimited began using MagnaPrint® inks in 2017 and haven’t looked back since. With MagnaColours® now the company’s sole supplier of water-based inks, we spoke to them about the benefits of the Magna range, and the support they received throughout making the switch.

B-Unlimited is a custom collegiate licensed apparel business specialising in creating original artwork, printing with water-based inks and marketing their products to ‘Greek’ life – the social organisations of colleges and universities throughout the United States.

One of the key reasons for selecting MagnaColours® as their exclusive supplier of water-based inks is our functional and accurate colour matching software, MagnaMix. The ease and simplicity of the software enables B-Unlimited to preserve a lot of time and effort and to match their pantone mixes more accurately than ever before.

It’s not only the software which B-Unlimited love working with, but also the MagnaPrint® product range. They primarily work the MagnaPrint® Discharge ULF range because it produces an extremely soft end product, provides excellent, vibrant results and can be printed very quickly. They also print with our medium and high solids inks such as the HB Range and AquaFlex V2 to produce a great end product, with minimal headache. In terms of specials, B-Unlimited love using the MagnaPrint® Bling range for its metallic, shimmer effects and also because it doesn’t dry out in the screen, has a great hand-feel and they can add Eco Pigment colours to achieve any desired shade.

Talking about the support they received from MagnaColours® during their process to fully make the switch and integrate MagnaPrint® inks into their business, B-Unlimited told us that, “Magna representatives were always available to answer questions and help us troubleshoot. We also visited their facility in Barnsley for hands-on MagnaAcademy training. We believe in the MagnaColours® company and their people, and feel that Magna believe in us too.”

“Magna is the best on the market. We like working with this company because they listen and adapt to meet our company’s needs.”

“Magna inks create the most breathable and comfortable end product for the wearer.”

B-Unlimited told us that they envisage the future of screen-printing being in water-based inks, which is a reason why they have redirected their company to prioritise this style of screen-printing. Water-based inks are more environmentally friendly and sustainable, as serious consideration for B-Unlimited and its customer base. B-Unlimited foresee the trend of conscientious consumption to continue; a projection which directs their business model.

Find out more about B-Unlimited, their use of water-based inks and the products they offer here.

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