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    Countryside Art is one of the UK’s largest household textile and giftware manufacturers. After experimenting with various inks and binders, they came to MagnaColours® with an impossible challenge – to improve the wash fastness of their tea towels.

Putting our 40 years of determination and screen-printing experience to the test, we worked closely with Countryside Art to develop the best solution for their requirements. The MagnaLab® trialled and developed the ideal formulation back at the MagnaColours® headquarters and put it to the test at Countryside Art.

Enhancing printing performance for long-lasting quality products

The final Binder recipe has revolutionised Countryside Arts tea towels. It gets applied to every printed towel and yields outstanding results every time. In addition to installing a dispenser installation system, MagnaColours also simplified Countryside Art’s production process, boosted its overall product output and consistency, and lowered its waste and labour costs across the board – while maintaining an environmentally-friendly product.

“Magna is always willing to help me with technical problems. I can ring anytime, and I know I’ll always receive the best advice that invariably deals with the issue in hand. This is extremely valuable as it allows production to run smoothly and efficiently.”, Lawrence Chapman, Countryside Art

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