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    Cutting edge performance from new MagnaColours® ink

    MagnaColours® has launched a new ink, MagnaPrint® EDGE, at ISS Long Beach. The ink has been developed to enable the printing of multi-coloured designs on to light or dark coloured garments, whether wet or dry, without the need for numerous flash units in-between

By reducing the need for flash units, the EDGE ink helps to cut costs and increase productivity and efficiency. The innovative ink stays wet on screen, but dries instantly when applied to fabric, providing one of the performance benefits of plastisol inks, without the harmful chemicals.

Helen Parry, Managing Director at MangaColours® said: “We’re excited to launch our revolutionary new EDGE ink, and there was no better opportunity to do so than at the ISS event. EDGE supports our quest to transform the preconceptions of water-based inks, and the effects and finish that they enable screen-printers to achieve.” 

“Water-based inks have come a long way in recent years and our EDGE ink is testament to that. Magna’s range provides the same if not better-quality results than those achieved using harmful chemically based products.”

The ink provides an even coverage and soft-touch finish. Garments printed using the EDGE range also boast phenomenal durability, due to the ink’s elasticity and superb wash performance. EDGE comes ready to use as a one pack ink, removing the complexity of preparation and also benefits from rapid curing in one minute.

The range includes MagnaPrint® EDGE Neutral, and MagnaPrint® EDGE Opaque, which were launched at the ISS Long Beach event. While at the show, which is running from the 19th to the 21st January, Magna will showcase a variety their inks, including the new EDGE range in live printing demonstrations, as well as unveiling their new Make the Switch programme.