• Dyes, Chemicals, and Functional Finishes from MAGNACOLOURS®

    MagnaColours® supplies a wide range of auxiliaries, dyes, and functional finishes, meeting the industry’s exacting quality and environmental standards.


Innovation in Colour and Finishing

MagnaColours® offers advanced support services to the textile industry, enhancing production techniques and quality with competitive and innovative products.  We strive to demonstrate our ability to outperform our customer needs in today’s ever-changing marketplace by creating close working and long-term relationships with our stakeholders.

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The ITO Range

MagnaColours® offers a comprehensive range of dyehouse products to suit your textile processing requirements.

ITOSPERSE disperse dyes for polyester – We offer a full range of disperse dyes for fashion, sportswear, automotive, workwear and home furnishings for the demanding requrirements of today’s textile industry.

ITOFIX reactive dyes for cellulose – A full range of reactive dyes for exhaust. cold pad batch and continuous dyeing and printing. Various classes of reactive dyes are available in the ITO range, including MCT, vinyl-sulphone , bifunctional and trifunctional and MFT along with a specific range of high light fastness dyes.

Acid dyes for Wool, Polyamide and Silk – A comprehensive offering of acid levelling, milling, pre-metalised and reactive dyes for wool, polyamide, and silk. Check out our ITOLEVELLING, ITOMILLING, ITOSET, and ITOLAN ranges.

In addition to these ranges we also offer a wide selection of VAT, direct, and basic dyes alongside pigment ranges.


Flame Retardants

The ITOFLAM range of flame retardants cover the full range of required wash standards including “non-durable”, “semi-durable” and “durable” for Cellulose, Polyester, Wool and Polyamide.

We can meet requirements of most flame retardant standards’ for the individual end uses including workwear, curtains, drapes, upholstery, furnishings, mattresses, and transportation. Our range is highly concentrated and the halogen-free range of ITOLAM flame retardants provide a low-cost alternative for customers with consistently high-quality results.

The environmental ITOFLAM range includes flame retardants for exhaust or pad application which have enabled us to offer a finish with little impact on the handle and shade of the finished articles.

We offer tailor-made ITOCOAT FR range of flame retardants for back coating and printing applications.

Functional Finishes

The Functional Finishes ITO Range is one of the industry-leading innovative finishes, which meet the markets current and future needs of reliability, performance, and wash durability. Micro encapsulation technology is one of the techniques used to give water-soluble products wash durability. Plus, by differing the capsule type we can enable slow-release or release upon pressure, temperature, etc. enabling a potential solution to your problems.

Fabrics with skin-kind properties are also available in a non-microcapsule ranges offering silky soft handle as well with the following products at the forefront of our range:
ITOFINISH LJM Series Silk amino acid either alone or with other additives such as SHEA BUTTER, ARGON OIL
ITOFNISH KELP Multi mineral finish with great handle and skin kind properties
ITOFINISH ALO Series Aloe Vera based products 

Also, our Natural Anti-Odour functional finishes are popular in the marketplace and the innovative Well Being finishes which enable improved sleep and well-being.

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