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    The Complete Guide

    How to use MagnaMix:
    The Complete Guide

    MagnaMix is our free downloadable colour recipe software designed for use with MagnaPrint® inks and Eco-Pigments ranges. Printers can simply select their base ink, chosen colour reference, and quantity, and MagnaMix will instantly generate the recipe.


MagnaMix can quickly and easily generate thousands of colour formulas for a wide range of MagnaPrint base inks including AquaFlex V2, Discharge AB AW, ULF and LO, ND Extra and many more. It has a number of useful functions alongside this to help printers save time, reduce ink wastage and better manage their ink stocks and workflow.

In this blog post we provide a comprehensive guide to the MagnaMix software – all the way from installation to finished print. We also provide an overview of the key additional features available to users within the software.

MagnaMix Installation – Windows

  1. MagnaMix for Microsoft Windows uses a single installer/updater available from the MagnaColours website.
  2. Run the Windows installer, downloaded from MagnaColours.com.
  3. Follow the instructions during the installation process. The installer will automatically update existing versions of MagnaMix and Firebird or install as required.
  4. Install Firebird. At the end of the installation process, you may be instructed to install Firebird. Firebird is required for MagnaMix to function. Please ensure it has been installed correctly.

MagnaMix Installation – Mac OS

MagnaMix for Mac OS requires two separate installers, MagnaMix and Firebird. Both available to download from the MagnaColours website.

  1. Run the Mac OS installer, downloaded from MagnaColours.com.
  2. Follow the instructions during the installation process. The Installer will automatically search for existing versions of MagnaMix and update or install as required.
  3. Install Firebird. At the end of the installation process you will need to install Firebird. MagnaMix will not sync with the server if Firebird has not been installed. If updating Mac OS to Catalina or higher (10.15 or above), please ensure you install 64-bit Firebird as 32-bit software will no longer work on these systems.

MagnaMix First Use

When you first run MagnaMix or following an update, you will need to ‘Sync’ with the MagnaMix recipe database. This downloads the recipes for use with MagnaMix. Ensure your computer is connected to the internet.

  1. Press the Sync button.
  2. You may be prompted for your customer name or email. This is the email used to register / login on MagnaColours.com.
  3. Click save. MagnaMix will start the sync process, this may take a few minutes. When complete, your MagnaMix is ready for use.

To use a different account, press the Sign Out button. You will be prompted for a customer name or email the next time MagnaMix is synced. Synchronising the MagnaMix database will download all available recipes. We recommend you connect to the internet and sync at least once a week.

MagnaMix Recipes

MagnaMix contains thousands of ink recipes using MagnaPrint Base Inks and Eco-Pigments. You can request a recipe for any amount.

  1. Choose Formulae Group. For pre-set PMS inks select ‘Magna Formulae’. ‘Your Formulae’ contains any ink recipes you have created yourself.
  2. Choose From the Range. Select your desired Base Ink (AquaFlex V2, MagnaTrans, Discharge etc).
  3. Colour Pre-set. Select your required colour (Using PMS number or brand reference).
  4. Amount in Grams. Add your volume of ink required in grams.
  5. Process. Click the Process button and MagnaMix will automatically calculate your ink recipe in percentage and grams to 2 decimal places. Using a scale, measure and mix the Base Ink and Eco-Pigments.
  6. Print. Print formulas can be printed out using a desktop or label printer.

If connected to a MagnaTint dispensing system, selecting ‘dispense’ will send the recipe information to the MagnaTint for dispensing.

MagnaMix Ink Estimator

MagnaMix Estimator will help you calculate the quantity of ink required for each colour of your print. This is calculated from the size of the image, the screen mesh count and the total number of prints.

To estimate using the print size:

  1. Select the ‘Estimator’ button, the tool will open in a pop-up.
  2. Select a unit of measurement for the print – cm or inches.
  3. In the boxes provided enter:
    • Number of prints required,
    • Estimate the width coverage of the print – in cm or inches,
    • Estimate the height/length coverage of the print – in cm or inches
  4. Press Calculate the amount of ink required will be displayed relative to the mesh count you are using in Kg.

Make Your Own Formula

You can save your own custom colour formulas for calculation or dispense. These are stored in your own MagnaMix account. Custom recipes can be accessed from any MagnaMix installation signed in with the same email address.

To Create Your Own Formula:

  1. Select ‘Make Your Own Formula’ for a new formula select ‘New.’
  2. In the pop-up select the Ink Range for the recipe from the drop-down. (AquaFlex, Discharge etc.)
  3. Enter the name of your recipe.
  4. Click Save New Recipe to create a new listing. If your recipe is based on an existing formula (either your own or a PMS colour), you can copy the formulae from an existing mix to the new listing for adjustment on the next screen. This will not affect the existing formulas listing. Create the formula by adding each component to the list.
  5. Select the MagnaPrint product from the drop down list under Product Name
  6. Add the amount of product within the mix as a percentage of 100% to 2 decimal places.
  7. Repeat for each product required. Adding each product used on a separate line, the complete recipe should add to 100%
  8. Click Save. Your Recipe is ready for formulation. Find your custom recipes under ‘Your Formulae’ on the MagnaMix Formula screen.

Edit Your Formula

To Edit An Existing Custom Formula:

  1. Select the Base Ink from the drop down list.
  2. Select the recipe for editing from colour pre-sets. The recipe will appear in the editing box.
  3. Adjust the amount of product within the mix as a percentage of 100% to 2 decimal places.
  4. Repeat for each product required. Adding each product used on a separate line. The full recipe should add to 100%. You can add additional lines as required.
  5. Click Save.

Export and Import Function

The Export and Import function allows you to exchange their custom formulae with other MagnaMix users.

The functionality is behind 2 new buttons, Export and Import: “Export” only appears once a recipe has been selected and “show recipe” is clicked. Both buttons will disappear during the editing of a recipe.


  1. First choose a recipe group or code to select your recipe, then click the Export button. The software will ask where to save the file. The default filename consists of the range and the code like the example below.
  2. Once chosen, the file is created and then populated with the recipe. The first line consists of the range name and the recipe code; subsequent lines include the material codes and amounts in %




  1. Click the Import button and then choose the recipe you want to import.
  2. Once chosen, the recipe is imported. If the recipe does not exist already, it is added. If the recipe exists, it is replaced. The recipe drop-down menu is then updated to include the newly imported recipe. This function works only from one local computer drive to another MagnaMix user local computer drive. All cloud based formulas will still need to be uploaded and managed by MagnaColours.

MagnaMix Stock Manager

MagnaMix Stock Manager allows you to monitor your usage of MagnaPrint inks used within the MagnaMix System. MagnaMix Stock Manager by default contains all current MagnaPrint and MagnaTrans inks.

To Add Costs And Stock To inks Already Listed:

  1. Select your ink and press ‘Modify.’
  2. Add your pricing per kg. And stock level in kg.
  3. Dispense Code if using a MagnaTint. This can be edited to match the dispense code used within the dispenser software.
  4. Click Save. You will not be able to change any other settings or names of stock inks.

When the ink is used within a MagnaMix calculation, Stock Manager works out stock quantities left. MagnaMix will also calculate the costings for reach recipe calculated on the main screen.

To Add New Or Custom Products To Stock Manager:

  1. Select Add – In the popup you can add your new product
  2. Product Code – Product/manufacturers code
  3. Product Name – Full product name
  4. Price  – per kg of product
  5. Stock Levels – in kg
  6. Product Type – select either colour, additive, base or binder – depending on the product being added.
  7. Dispense Code if using in a MagnaTint – This should match the dispense code used within the dispenser software.
  8. Save – Your material will be added to the Mix Stock Manager Database.

Get Started Today!

Whether you’re already a MagnaMix user and needed some extra tips on getting the most out of the software or you’re a complete newbie to the programme, we hope this blog post offered some helpful tips and insights to help you on your journey with MagnaPrint water-based inks.

Here you can register to download the software, access the user manual, and various FAQs.


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