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    Magna creates spectacular world of imagination at FESPA

    To coincide with this year’s FESPA event, which took place in Hamburg from the 8th-12th of May, we took the opportunity to take a fresh look at our range and showcase environmentally friendly inks in a very different way. We hosted our own event, complete with extraordinary entertainment and specially designed cocktails, in order to bring together creatives from across the industry.

“Each year, FESPA draws professionals from the screen, digital and textile printing industry, and this year, they gathered in Hamburg. In front of this audience, we demonstrated our comprehensive range, printing on three stands across the course of the week. We showcased our products alongside machinery manufacturers MHM and M&R, demonstrating the performance of their machines alongside the impressive effects achievable with the Magna range. We also printed on the stand of Gabler, our German distributor.

On the Thursday of the show, we also hosted our own special evening event at an art gallery in Hamburg, which was transformed for the night into a world of Magna imagination. The event was by invitation only, and brought together printers, distributors and brands to celebrate the creativity of our industry, and the vision that has driven our innovation in water-based inks. The event developed on our ‘Imagination Gallery’ concept, that we first introduced at ISS Long Beach earlier this year. The theme of the night was ‘mixing it up with Magna’, which was brought to life with a spectacular range of activities.

Guests were served bespoke cocktails, created by our mixologists and inspired by our inks, and entertainment was provided by a burlesque dancer, who mixed colours together in a giant martini glass, alongside music mixed by our own DJ. The event had an incredible reception, and provided a breath-taking setting to speak to the familiar contacts from the industry we’ve worked with for years, as well as introducing the Magna philosophy to some new faces. The gallery was decorated with an array of prints created using our different water-based inks, Magna graphics and 3D models of our Magna ‘M’ motif. Helen Parry, Managing Director of MagnaColours® said: “We wanted to organise a showcase that would bring together the creatives in our industry, which was totally different to a typical trade event. It was a fantastic night, our guests enjoyed everything we had in store for them, and we were able to perfectly reflect the personality and imagination behind MagnaColours®.

2017 has been an exciting time for us so far, we’ve launched our education programme MagnaAcademy®, our own industry standard GNA, and we have new products set to be unveiled, so this was also a great time for us celebrate our achievements and our products with our peers and those we’ve worked with along the way. It was a truly unforgettable evening.””