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    MagnaColours Australian Tour 2019

    Jason Chapman headed to Australia to promote water based printing to the local print shops. With the help of Matt McInerney from Jones Brothers printers, he undertook the 2019 MagnaColours Australia mini-tour.

Our Business Development Manager (APAC) and screen printing guru Jason Chapman just undertook a mini-tour across Australia. There he met with customers old and new and promoted water based inks to printers across the country. Jason has detailed his experiences of the Magna 2019 Australia Tour in our latest blog:

First stop – Adelaide. We travelled around the city, visiting customers who were new to water based printing and keen to get their hands on the new MagnaPrint® Killer Base.

Left Side: Killer Base, Right Side: Plastisol underbase

Killer Base gives printers the chance to take their first steps into water based printing. It allows printers to use one screen of water based ink, and then print the remainder of the design with their current Plastisol inks.  For many, it was a no brainer to make the switch to using Killer Base when they saw the amazing difference that this small change makes to a Plastisol print.

Next up we travelled to Perth for a demonstration of MagnaPrint® Aquaflex V2 & HB. Around 20 printers joined us at Australian Screen Printing Supplies, where I took to the stage to demonstrate our inks on a rickety hand carousel. It took a while to set up the equipment, but after Matt broke out the hammer – we started printing a successful run of our ‘HAND FACE’ design.

Next stop Melbourne – the home of Jones Brothers. This entire city is just buzzing with an amazing array of print talent. A big thanks needs to go to Lachlan at EziBrand for working with us at the event. He helped us print shirts and sweatshirts with MagnaPrint® Killer Base & MagnaPrint® Aquaflex V2 on one of their M&R automatic machines. Ben from Super Special was also there, Ben was a big help in getting Australian printers turned on to Killer Base. Thanks again for your help guys.

Finally, on to our final show – Sydney. We were excited for the flagship event of the trip at T1 & Rawtech’s annual open house, which has been growing in popularity year on year.  The event is quickly establishing itself as the no.1 screen-printing evening across Australia and New Zealand, and it’s easy to see why.  There was huge buzz around our inks, and many printers in attendance were interested in making the switch to water based printing.

T1 themselves are already dedicating one entire production line to MagnaPrint® products, and are quickly becoming experts in water-based printing. They love using MagnaPrint® Aquaflex V2 & MagnaPrint® Edge, the amazing wet-on-wet inks that don’t need a flash cure. Special thanks to Pamela at T1 & Donovan at RAW Tech solutions hosting and organising the event. It really is a great show!!

Before going home, we headed up the Gold Coast to catch up with Tim from North Shore Printing. Tim loves using MagnaPrint® Aquaflex V2 White with its soft and stretchy properties. He offers this to clients who are looking for a great hand-feel, and high-quality finish to their garment.

Thanks as well to George at Phantom and Jodi & Joel from PSI for spending time with us chatting and looking through our range of inks.  Many thanks to everyone who came to say hello, asked questions and was interested in making the switch to water based printing. 

My time down under on this trip was incredible, and special thanks must go to Matt McInerney from Jones Brothers for his help with the tour.

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