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    MagnaColours® recommends SPIRO For its eco-friendly inks

    MagnaColours® are pleased to partner with SPIRO for the launch of their new S287X Aircool Tee, an ideal garment for printing our eco-friendly range of water-based inks.

SPIRO’s S287X Aircool Tee offers the perfect print base for MagnaPrint® AquaFlex V2 water-based high solids ink alongside our Migration Eliminator V2 product and has had much success with the non-toxic water-based ink.

PVC and formaldehyde-free, our range of water-based inks offer the screen printing industry an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to plastisols. These inks are perfect for polyester fabric, including high performance garments such as SPIRO’s S287X Aircool Tee, and offer a stretchy soft feel to the garment. Other benefits include; quick curing, short flash times, formulations that are slow to dry in the screen and the ability to be pigmented to any shade.

Helen Parry, Managing Director for MagnaColours, said: “The high performance, S287X Aircool Tee by SPIRO is the perfect garment to showcase what’s possible with MagnaColours® water-based inks. Together we’ve demonstrated the superb print effects that can be achieved on performance fabrics when making the switch to our range of eco-friendly, PVC-free inks.”

Managing Director for SPIRO, David Sanders-Smith, said: “We were so impressed by the performance of MagnaColours’ inks and the superb print quality they offered that we wanted to highlight the many benefits of water-based inks and communicate this to the wider industry. Our S287X Aircool Tee is a great performance shirt that offers the wearer both comfort and technical performance; it’s the ideal backdrop to promote any event, team or uniform brand!”

The product was showcased by SPIRO in collaboration with MagnaColours® at Printwear and Promotion LIVE in January this year to excellent response.