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    MagnaColours® update range with new Migration Eliminator

    MagnaColours® have launched a new anti-migration blocker. Our MagnaPrint® Migration Eliminator V2 is designed to prevent the bleeding of inks throughout the printing process, and was officially unveiled at the recent ISS Long Beach show.

About the new product, Helen Parry, our MD said: “Magna are at the forefront of innovation of water-based inks and products. We pride ourselves on creating inks that meet the needs of screen-printers, so that they continue getting the very best results, and don’t need to resort to using chemical-based inks. Part of this is ensuring that we continue to innovate and improve on what’s already out there, including our own product range.”

“This new product builds upon our existing Migration Eliminator, providing greater performance benefits, and its launch has been welcomed by the industry. This is just one way we’re ensuring that our products perform as well as, if not better than plastisol inks, meaning there’s no reason not choose water-based.”

As well as its superior blocking performance, Migration Eliminator V2 is slow drying, making it easier to print with, and it provides a softer handle than the previous version. When printing with the new ink, screen-printers will benefit from improved coverage, opacity, flexibility and wash fastness.

The new ink was showcased at the recent ISS Long Beach event, where we used it to print a range of designs on our stand. At the show, we also launched our new EDGE ink, and revolutionary new initiative, Make the Switch, which aims to help make the transition to using water-based inks simple and painless for screen-printers.