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    MagnaTint Automatic Dispensers: Key Features & Benefits

    The MagnaTint automatic pigment dispensing system can be an invaluable tool for any colour kitchen. The systems can automatically dispense MagnaPrint Eco Pigments simultaneously in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button.

MagnaTint by Corob is a pigment dispensing system designed to work with our MagnaMix colour recipe software and provide a complete pigment system for your MagnaPrint water-based inks, dramatically reducing mixing errors and labour costs.

With precise Corob engineering, the machine accurately dispenses pigments, providing reliable and fast results. The MagnaTint’s small overall footprint (approx. 1m2) and compact frame allow it to fit perfectly into most colour kitchens.

Consistent Colours Every Time

1. High Performance

Accurate to 0.01g, MagnaTint dispenses Eco-Pigments that are ready for mixing in seconds, ensuring that you achieve colour consistency across production run with ease.

2. Affordable Solution

Dramatically reduces labour times and associated cost, improving productivity and efficiency, making it an ideal cost-effective solution for printers.

3. Colour Consistency

MagnaTint allows for consistent colours every time, reducing the risk of human error. Even with split production runs or printing in multiple factories, you can have confidence that the same accurately mixed inks will be printed each time.

4. Operator Friendly

MagnaTint dispensers are user friendly and easy to maintain. Alongside the MagnaMix programme, MagnaTint’s easy fill ink canisters, low working height and built-in self-cleaning functions, provide a mess and clutter-free workplace.

5. Ink Saving

MagnaTint only dispenses the required amount of pigment for each quantity of ink you’re mixing and recycles the rest back into the internal cannisters, meaning that you only use the ink you need.

6. Fully Customisable

The set-up of your MagnaTint system is fully customisable with optional extras available such as base ink dispensers and automatic mixers.


EVOPLUS 20C (20 cannisters)

  • 6x canisters 5 litres (POM)
  • 12x canisters 2.5 litres (POM)pigment dispenser
  • 2x canisters 1.5 litres (POM)
  • 2x empty slots for expansion
  • Simultaneous dispensing
  • Re-circulation on all canisters
  • Automatic PAD system
  • Temperature sensor
  • Manual can table/shelf


Custom MagnaTint
MagnaTint can be customised to suit your individual requirements and more canister modules can be included.

Automatic Mixing Options


Once dispensed, the EVO SHAKE can expertly mix your ink with orbital/vibrational mixing patterns to ensure a smooth and consistent mix.


Alternatively for larger volumes, the EVO MIX gyroscopic mixer cam also blend your inks to optimal consistencies.

MagnaMix Compatible Inks

MagnaMix and the MagnaTint dispenser have been developed to work with a wide range of base inks.

High Solids

MagnaPrint AquaFlex V2
MagnaPrint Self Levelling

High solids for ultra-high opacity and elasticity with a soft flexible feel. Available in white and neutral options.
Medium Solids

MagnaPrint HB Range

Soft-hand, non-dry, opaque inks for tonal artwork on high mesh counts and mock-discharge performance.
Soft Bases

MagnaPrint ND Extra*
*Recipes can be used for Base FF

Low solids for bright prints on light-coloured fabrics. ND Extra is our non-drying paste specifically developed for high mesh screens.
Discharge Inks

MagnaPrint Discharge ULF
MagnaPrint Discharge LO
MagnaPrint Discharge AB AW

Bright and beautiful colour effects can be achieved with MagnaPrint Discharge ULF formaldehyde-free system and our conventional MagnaPrint Discharge ABAW system.
Special Effects

Various MagnaPrint inks

Speciality pigments and pastes with effects ranging from lustrous metallic, pearls and glitters to high build pastes, and gloss finish textures.
Heat Transfer Inks

MagnaTrans Range

Water-based heat transfer inks, pigments and adhesives, designed to produce single and multi-coloured transfers on release coated films

MagnaTint: How It Works

Watch our step-by-step video guide on the MagnaTint dispenser system.

Get In Touch

Interested in how a MagnaTint ink dispenser can compliment your MagnaPrint water-based inks or want to find our more? Contact your MagnaColours sales representative today!

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