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    Origins – A Journey in Water-Based Screen Printing

    Helen Ivan and Paul, headed to Arkansas for the second Origins water based screen printing academy event at B-unlimited’s head office in Fayetteville.

Last July, MagnaColours was part of B-Unlimited’s first “Origins – A Journey in Water-Based Screen Printing” event. The 2 day training academy brought printers together from across America to learn more about water-based printing at B-Unlimited’s headquarters in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We were excited when B-Unlimited decided to make the 2-day academy a yearly event. Earlier this month, Helen, Ivan and Paul headed out to Fayetteville for the second Origins event.

MagnaColours® have been supplying our MagnaPrint® water-based inks to B-Unlimited for many years, helping them transition their screen-printing production to a position where they are now using almost 100% water-based inks.

Working with MagnaColours and a number of other suppliers, B-Unlimited’s event aims to teach both beginners and experts the benefits of printing with water-based inks. Demonstrating new printing tips, techniques and helping them make the switch from plastisol-based printing. Making the printing industry more ecologically friendly and less reliant on harmful chemicals and cleaning fluids. 

From basic screen development through to cutting edge digital hybrid printing, Origins packs a huge amount of information into its two days. We opened the event by talking with the whole group about making the switch to water based printing, highlighting the core inks of the MagnaColours range and their features. Among other workshops and demonstrations, we printed some examples with the group and talked about the benefits of water-based printing over traditional plastisol.  

We also demonstrated the potential of our MagnaPrint® Hybrid Fusion range in conjunction with the new M&R Digital Squeegee®, showing the potential of the system by digitally printing multiple designs on top of a screen-printed base.

On day 2 of the event, the printers split into groups, allowing for more in-depth training for attendees with more water-based printing knowledge. Throughout the day our printing experts demonstrated our inks, talking in depth and highlighting their features and benefits to the printing industry. These included MagnaPrint® Killer Base, Discharge AB AW, and Aquaflex V2

Paul’s favourite demonstration, was the Kraken Print, an example of the benefits of using MagnaPrint® Migration Eliminator V2. Perfect to stop dye bleed through when printing on polyester or other troublesome fabrics. By printing only the whale with the Migration Eliminator underneath, highlighted in stark contrast the effect of the blocker on the print.

The event finished with a demonstration of our Special Effect inks, showing how a minimal amount of speciality ink can elevate a design into something special. Printed with MagnaPrint® Discharge AB AW, Suede Foam NF and Bling, the resulting surfer girl shirt was the talk of the event. 

Origins was a fantastic success and an incredible expansion of the event from last year.  Paul Woodward, Print Technician said “ The event was a tremendous success and we all had such a fun time meeting with everyone. It really was nice to see how Origins had evolved and grown from its debut last July, it was such a huge leap forward – I cannot wait for next years!”

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Additional Photography courtesy of B-Unlimited.