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Minus Ion processing Agent


The “Minus Ion” effect has been known for many years. In recent years, it has been applied by the household electronic equipment industry, architectural industry and the textile industry. ITOFINISH LJI was developed as an alternative to radiation type products.

What is the “Minus ion”?

Negative ions (minus ion) exist naturally and are abundant in rural areas such as forests and particularly areas with an abundance of water such as streams and waterfalls.

The positive revitalising feeling generally found when standing close to waterfalls etc is attributed to the increased amounts of negative ions in the air. Conversely, concentrations of electrical equipment such as in the household or office environment lead to increased positive ion concentrations and can have the effect of increasing tiredness/fatigue.

It is said that three kinds of minus ions exist in atmosphere. ITOFINISH LJI utilises natural ceramics to produce negative ions.

  • Minus ion in general chemistry Nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide or carbon dioxide combine with atmospheric moisture and can be converted into positive and negative ions.
  • High voltage plasma electrical discharge minus ion Electrical discharge minus ion generation is used in household electronic equipment products such as air conditioners. However this produces ozone and is one of the largest issues faced by the household electronic equipment industry.
  • Natural ceramic (Mineral : Deposit) Hydroxyl minus ions (H3O2) produced from ceramics. Negative ions are produced when moisture comes into contact with the special porous ceramics. Through agitation the water molecules are broken down to produce negative ions.



Yellow Brown-ash Yellow Dispersed Solution


Weakly Anionic


Add After Dispersed in a Small Amount of Cold Water


Natural Ceramics Mixed Substances and Dispersing Agent


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