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Micro-encapsulated Perfumes & Other Finishes

Micro-encapsulation is a fascinating process in which microscopic droplets or particles are wrapped with a protective polymeric coating. In simple […]


Micro-encapsulation is a fascinating process in which microscopic droplets or particles are wrapped with a protective polymeric coating. In simple terms, micro-encapsulation provides a miniature container that protects its contents from evaporation, oxidation, and contamination until its release is triggered.

For most applications, the capsule diameter would be in the range of 3-8 microns (one micron = one thousandth of a millimetre). These capsules remain invisible to the naked eye but under high power, microscopes open up an exciting insight into this curious dimension.

For example, an area of one square centimetre could contain one million capsules if placed side by side. This concentration allows for multiple releases from the same area until all of the capsules are broken.

Encapsulated fragrances can be applied onto textiles to enhance a garment, promote a product or mask a manufacturing malodour.

Adding benefit to a textile is also achievable by applying an encapsulated moisturiser, essential oils, certain vitamins and even insect repellent.

Aroma Granules are a range of dispersed pastes in which various kinds of fragrance oil are encapsulated to give wash durable textile finishes. These can be applied using a range of techniques such as padding, exhaustion, printing or coating. The Aroma Granule range is complimented by a range of other micro-encapsulated products to provide effects such as skin benefits, insect repellency, temperature control and colour change effects (ITOTHERMOCHROMIC & ITOFINISH UV).

IFRA/RIFM accredited fragrances.

All of the standard fragrances available use fragrance oil that conform to guidance published by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and by Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM).

The International Fragrance Association is an international organization composed of over 100 fragrances manufactures representing 15 countries. Its advisory committee review available data on fragrance material. Based upon this data, the IFRA makes recommendations on the safe use of fragrance materials. The IFRA guidelines are for the safe use of fragrance ingredients and are based on the evaluation by independent experts of all toxicological and dermatological data relating to the ingredient concentration and exposure to the final product.

The RIFM was formed in 1966 by the industry to carry out research on ingredients used in fragrances. The RIFM is an international organisation whose purpose is to assure the safety of perfumery materials. The RIFM accredited perfumery materials are subjected to strict guidelines, which cover the health and safety aspects of the perfume.

We have also subjected a selected number of the aroma granule fragrances to stringent evaluation to skin irritation. This assessment was undertaken by the Dermatology department of Queen’s Medical Centre (Nottingham, England). The test results concluded that out of the 50 people under trial none showed any sign of skin irritation generated by the wearing of the aroma granule fragrance.




Milk White Paste


6-7 Approx


50%. Approx


Perfumed Capsules / Water / Thickener


Approx. 200 cps at 25°C


Approx 1.00




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