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    Reducing Cure Temperature and Dwell Time: A Guide to Crosslinkers

    Ensuring water-based inks are properly cured is essential to achieving high quality, long-lasting prints. MagnaPrint Crosslinkers are used by printers globally to reduce the curing time and temperature of inks.

Though MagnaPrint water-based inks have been engineered to be ready-for-use straight out of the pot, there are certain situations where crosslinkers can provide a helping hand to screen printers.

What’s more, printers around the globe are faced with high energy prices so understanding how you can use crosslinkers to reduce curing temperatures and dwell times of your prints can be hugely advantageous. In this blog post we’ve prepared a guide to understanding the key benefits and use cases of the MagnaPrint crosslinkers range.

MagnaPrint Crosslinker 500

The newest crosslinker within the product portfolio, MagnaPrint Crosslinker 500 can be used to reduce curing time or temperatures of inks down to 120°C (248°F). Once added to your ink, it remains active for up to 7 days making the product ideal for long print runs.

Offering a longer shelf life, longer pot life, non-restrictive transportation, and a lower curing temperature, MagnaPrint Crosslinker 500 is the superior choice for customers familiar with using MagnaPrint Crosslinker 100. Crosslinker 500 is also certified to Oeko-Tex Eco Passport Class 1 and ZDHC Level 3 making it an even more sustainable option.

MagnaPrint Crosslinker 200

MagnaPrint Crosslinker 200 is capable of curing as low as room temperature. It’s ideal for curing fabrics where higher temperatures may cause dye migration, or garments that are prone to shrinkage at normal curing temperatures. MagnaPrint Crosslinker 200 is classed as hazardous for transport but does offer benefits to printers not available with MagnaPrint Crosslinker 500.

Crosslinkers Overview

This table provides a handy cheat sheet to each of our crosslinkers:

ProductDescriptionMin Curing Temp/TimeLoad %*Pot lifeCompliance
MAGNAPRINT® CROSSLINKER 500Non-hazardous crosslinker for reducing curing times or temperatures.

Ideal when printing temperature sensitive fabrics.

120°C (248°F)
for 2 minutes
3%7 daysOeko-Tex Eco Passport
Class 1
ZDHC Level 3
MAGNAPRINT® CROSSLINKER 200A crosslinker capable of curing at temperatures as low as room temperature.

Ideal for fabrics where dye migration may occur at higher temperatures or for use in print shops with smaller dryer tunnels.

Hazardous for transportation.

100°C (212°F) for 2 minutes or cure at room temperature2%6-8 hours
MAGNAPRINT® CROSSLINKER 100MagnaPrint® Crosslinker 100 can be used to considerably reduce the time of curing pigment prints. It is compatible with most MagnaPrint® printing systems.

Hazardous for transportation.

120°C (248°F) for 2 minutes or 165°C (330°F) for 1 minute3%8 hours
MAGNAPRINT® CROSSLINKER 400Crosslinker to reduce curing time and temperature.120°C (248°F) for 2 minutes3%8 hours
MAGNAPRINT® ECOFIX XLMagnaPrint® Ecofix XL is a crosslinking agent, specifically designed to improve wash and rubfastness.

MagnaPrint® Ecofix XL is compatible with all MagnaPrint® bases.

140°C (284°F) for 2 minutes or 165°C (330°F) for 1.5 minutes3%Remains activeOeko-Tex Eco Passport Class 1
ZDHC Level 3
MAGNAPRINT® ECOFIX NFMagnaPrint® Ecofix NF isa unique formaldehyde free crosslinking agent, specifically designed to improve wash and rub fastness where ultra low formaldehyde levels are required.150°C (302°F) for 2 minutes or 165°C (330°F) for 1.5 minutes>3%Remains activeGOTS Approved Input

*Load % recommendations relate to high solids inks. For lower solids inks, the loading can be reduced

MagnaPrint Crosslinkers are part of a wide selection of adhesive, additive and auxiliary products available from the MagnaPrint range, ready to meet your printing requirements.

Contact your MagnaColours sales representative or distributor today to find out more information.



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