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    Water-Based Printing on Durable Water-Repellent Fabrics – Solved!

    The team in the MagnaLab have been hard at work designing new and innovative products for screen printers around the globe. We’re super excited to announce the latest addition to our range – MagnaPrint® DWR Primer.

The Issue with DWR (Durable Water-Repellent) Fabrics

Printing directly onto durable water-repellent fabrics is currently only possible with solvent based inks and historically DWR fabrics have posed a problem when it comes to water-based printing. Because DWR fabrics have water-resistant or water-repellent surfaces, the nature of water-based inks means that they cannot properly adhere to fabric, resulting in poor wash fastness and durability.

To attempt to get around the issue and not use solvent based inks, previous solutions have often involved removing the resistant coating from the fabric before printing, destroying its water repellent properties. 

Until Now. 

New MagnaPrint® DWR Primer

The latest innovation from MagnaColours® enables printers to add a primer to the garment as an initial under-base. This provides a suitable surface for printing on DWR fabrics with water-based high solids inks such as MagnaPrint® AquaFlex V2 without losing any of the garment’s water-resistant properties

“With MagnaPrint® DWR Primer you can use inks on water-repellent fabrics that previously were not possible to print with water-based products.” 

printing on water repellent fabrics

MagnaPrint® DWR Primer is part of our continuing commitment at MagnaLab to develop environmentally friendly solutions to the printing challenges facing the industry. 

Check out the product page for more information and stay tuned for more updates from the MagnaColours® team.

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