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    We take look back at ISS Long Beach

    Last month, we exhibited at the ISS show in Long Beach, an event that brings together screen-printers, distributers, manufacturers and leading industry figures, to show off the latest developments in print.

At the event, we unveiled our new initiative, Make the Switch, and showcased our existing and new inks, including recently launched EDGE and Migration Eliminator V2. We’ve asked some of the MagnaColours® team about their highlights. Here’s what they said:

Tom Abbey, Executive Chairman

ISS went incredibly well for us, it was brilliant to show screen-printers just what can be achieved with our inks. We opened their eyes to the different special effect finishes that water-based inks are capable of, and this was especially evident with EDGE. So many people couldn’t believe that we were able to print wet on wet with fewer flash units with a water-based ink.

Demonstrating just how effective water-based products are really helps in dispelling the misconceptions surrounding water-based products, and along with Make the Switch can help break down the barriers that prevent more screen-printers from making the transition away from chemical-based inks.



Helen Parry, Managing Director

An important thing we learnt from the show this year was that despite the fact that there are still misconceptions surrounding the performance of water-based products, there’s certainly a growing interest in, and demand for, the kind of products Magna can create. At this year’s event, there was more printing with water-based than ever before, and our stand attracted visitors from leading brands like Nike, Under Armour and Adidas, and customers from as far afield as Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia.

It was a great opportunity to really show what Magna’s products can do, and we were able to demonstrate our difference. We stood out because we had such a comprehensive range of special effects, such as our two-tone MagnaPrint® MultiChrome and Multishine on show, and also because we were printing on poly, whereas the vast majority of other printers were using cotton. Many people visiting our stand didn’t realise that it was possible to print with water-based inks on poly materials, so it was amazing to show them what’s possible with water-based.



Robert Cole, Commercial Director

The ISS Long Beach show really was a success for Magna. We printed with two of our new products, EDGE and the Migration Eliminator V2 which was fantastic. We were able to demonstrate the benefits of the products and how well they perform in a production environment.

So many visitors to our stand couldn’t believe that we were using EDGE, a water-based ink, to print on 100% poly, because of the high-quality results. It was fantastic to impress screen-printers with EDGE, but the highlight of the show had to be unveiling the Make the Switch initiative, which received praise not only from printers, but also our competitors, which is praise indeed.



Ivan Cossio, Business Development Manager (Americas)

ISS Long Beach is always a great event that draws together the best in the industry, so it was a perfect opportunity to showcase the comprehensive MagnaColours® range. Something we picked up on was that although America has typically always favoured the use of plastisol inks, there’s been a shift in recent years, with demand for water-based inks growing each year.

Printers, and brands alike are getting more and more requests from their customers for garments printed using water-based products, not only because of the environmental benefits, but because they can achieve a better, softer handle, compared to plastisol inks. Magna are a leader in the manufacture of water-based inks, so it’s no surprise our stand attracted so many visitors.



Jason Chapman, Business Development Manager (Asia)

For years, Magna have been promoting the use of water-based inks in the screen-printing industry, and at this year’s ISS event, it felt as though there was a real shift in the industry towards water-based, and people seem to be realising that these products are the future.

There was a great atmosphere throughout the show, but I have to say, that for me, the highlight was when we unveiled our new EDGE ink. Our stand was filled from wall to wall, there was a real buzz, and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.